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Why Your Business Needs Facebook Ads

Since the rise of popular social platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, many people think that Facebook has been forgotten about. This is false, in fact, Facebook is still one of the social networking apps and is popular for businesses and brands.

With Facebook, you’re able to create a separate page for your brand and gather your own followers who may not be as social savvy and migrate to the other social networking sites.

Facebook brings in money and ad dollars for many businesses and your next customer may be browsing Facebook right now looking for a service or product that you offer. If you already have a business page set up on Facebook but not seeing much success, you may be skipping out on an important aspect: Facebook Ads.

Similar to the promotion options on Instagram and Twitter, Facebook Ads allow for you to target your posts to a specific audience and bring in business organically. You’re able to target people by their interests, geographic location, even their behavior. If you’re looking for ways to reach hundreds even thousands of new customers in a day, Facebook Ads provide instant results and they’re organic.

-There are no bots or fake profiles to be wary of and you can expect your brand awareness to increase.

-You can watch your ad campaigns in real time and you can have the specifics adjusted if you notice something missing

-Increase your SEO rankings. Become more relevant on search engine websites and watch your business grow

Social marketing companies like Social Revelation specialize in growing audiences organically and specifically working with Facebook Ads for your business. If you already have an identified niche, that’s even better. You’re able to identify exactly who your products or services are for and you know how you want to reach them.

Think about what a small advertising campaign would do for your business and your following. Whether it be more followers or more money, don’t skip out on utilizing all sources of advertisement across social platforms.

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