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How Direct Messaging Builds Clientele

Many people think that many business transactions happen in the comments section of social networking platforms. However, many transactions happen privately, in the messaging sector. The messaging aspect of Instagram is a hidden gem when conducting business. You should be sending messages whether you own a business or work as an influencer partnering with brands. Instagram messaging should be one of your main methods of communication and you should know how the feature builds clientele.

There’s more to the private messaging aspect of the app than just sharing entertaining videos you see while scrolling. The DMs are a gold mine for conducting business, gaining clientele, and making money.

If you’re a business or brand and you’re not utilizing your DMs feature on Instagram, you’re missing out on potential clients and business.

1. Build Connections

Direct messaging is a way to connect with your followers one on one. Sometimes your followers may be too shy to engage in the comments section of your post, the DMs is their time to shine and your opportunity to reel them in. Whether it’s a new business opportunity, an influencer, or a potential partnership, there’s a connection waiting to happen.

2. Increase Your Brand Loyalty

Since everyone is glued to their phones and constantly scrolling, sending a DM can be more useful than sending an email. Whether you’re a business that sells courses or an influencer collaborating with multiple brands, sending a DM allows for quick and casual customer service. Instead of waiting 2-3 business days for a response from someone you’ve connected with, you can communicate in the same day and show those you work with that you’re accessible. Becoming accessible encourages those you’re in business with to be loyal and continue business with you.

3. Grow Your Industry Connections

Instagram is no longer just for connecting with your family and friends. People within your industry at right at your fingertips and you have access to them with the click of a “Follow” button. You can grow your business and your clientele by sending a DM to someone in your industry. If you sell products, sending a DM to an influencer for promotions allows them to instantly see what your brand is about.

4. Generate Leads

We all have that one person that constantly interacts on posts and stories, show them some love. Give people shout outs from time to time on your story or throughout posts and start the conversation there. Send your follower a DM of appreciation and get the conversation started. Tell them more about what you do and the services you offer. By initiating the conversation, you can gain new clientele as well as receive referrals.

Instead of getting caught up in sending emails that are constantly buried and overlooked, utilize the DM feature on Instagram. What’s even better is, if you don’t have time to send out Instagram DMs on your own, you can work with a digital marketing company. A digital marketing company that specializes in growing businesses for brands and influencers can work with your DMs.

Get set up with automatic DMs that instantly reach out to new followers and those in your niche. Automatically introduce yourself and your brand, services, and products. This feature begins the conversation and allows for your business ventures to flourish.

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