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Why a Professional Social Media Strategy Sets You Up For Success

You're ready to take your social media presence to the next level but have no idea how or where to start. After browsing through your social feeds for what seems to be the third time within the past ten minutes, you realize something needs to change.

After assessing your own page, going through comments and likes, comparing one post to the next, you identify the one thing that’s missing. You don’t have a strategy in place.

Without a social media strategy in place, you’re blindly operating and not allowing your content to thrive.

If you’re a brand or operating a company, this could be a huge blow to your sales as well as your reputation to influencers and other companies that may want to work with you.

With the new algorithm on Instagram, not having a strategy in place could mean that you’re not showing up on enough feeds and your posts are ultimately getting lost in the cloud. How can your business prosper? Or if you’re on the opposite end and working as an influencer, how can you land deals and get brands to notice you if your posts are only being seen for approximately two hours?

A professional media strategy, specifically for social media can be pivotal for your growth and success as an influencer as well as a company or brand seeking influencers to work with. The difference between your strategy and a professional is that this is what they live and breathe, it’s their expertise. Simply put, the professional knows what they’re doing.

In the age of digital media and social media, you need someone on your team that is able to identify your goals and create tactics for you to be successful on every social platform you utilize.

A few ways having a professional digital marketer on your team will set you up for success:

-SMART Goals - A professional digital marketer can map out goals that will make it easier to measure your success with campaigns and content that you post.

-Create an audience persona - While you may have done the work to identify who you’re targeting, a professional marketer takes it a step further. Using real-world data and metrics, they are able to anticipate your audience’s needs before they know what they are. Identifying the specific platforms that content needs to post on, how your followers are really interacting with you. From there, the professional digital marketer is able to refine strategies for your campaigns and posts and better target your primary audience.

-Understand the competition and help you stand out - You may know of a few competing influencers or companies that are in the same lane but having a professional marketer on your team will take things further. A professional digital marketer can create a conduct an in-depth analysis that details how you’re performing among the competition and what’s the standard for the campaigns and content in your industry.

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