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How to Define your Social Media Audience

Similar to a target audience, when beginning your social media journey, it is important to know exactly who you’re reaching out to.

Whether you’re selling a product, influencing your audience, or endorsing a brand, you have to know who will be opting into your page and how to communicate with them in a way that’ll make them want to come back for more content. If you’re working as an influencer, you want to know how to actively engage with your audience to make them want the products you're endorsing as well as support the brands you’re partnering with.

So, how do you define who and what your social media audience is? For some, it’s simple, for example, a small business who specializes in custom made hair bows will solely target women with children as well as cheerleaders, dancers, and other groups of young women.

If you’re undecided on where to start and how to start, first, identify your demographics. Knowing who your audience is as people will help you identify your content strategy, social media market efforts, as well as your traditional marketing strategies.

Next, you want to see which channels of social media people that are interested in your products and services are using the most. No need in being on Twitter with countless promotions when your audience is primarily using Instagram. Your primary goal for knowing your audience is to continue to drive sales, deals, and increase your brand engagement. Don’t waste money by promoting on the wrong platform.

If you’re already creating content on your channels, take note of who is engaging and interacting the most. Take a look at their profile and see what their interests are and what else they engage with. This will help you find more members of your audience as well as help you figure out what other types of content to post, what type of deals to take on when working as an influencer and help you lock in on exactly who to target.

While defining your audience on social media can be a beginner level task, it is not as easy for everyone. If you’re needing outside help to lock in on your social media goals, a social media agency is always a viable source.

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