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5 DIY Ways to Grow Your Presence on Social Media

When it comes to the new era of digital and social media, everyone wants in on the action. Everyday users are strategizing how to make money off their daily content and digital marketers are creating campaigns for influencers and brands around the clock. There are also ways to work with digital marketers that specialize in helping you strategize and optimize your original content to reach masses.

If you’re just beginning, bringing on a digital marketer may not be in your budget. If you’re eager to get started and set the path for a team to work with you in the near future, check out a few ways you can jump start growing your social media presence.

1. Be Human and Actually Interact with Your Audience

Don’t be a robot or the beginner influencer that only posts product reviews and selfies. Let your audience know that there’s a real person behind the account and that you’re also interested in what they’re posting too. Make people feel connected to you, share a few stories and engage with the responses your followers give you. It won’t hurt.

2. Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Until you bring a professional digital marketer on board, you’ll have to know what your followers and audience are looking for. Look up different keywords that align with your brand and see how your followers engage with them. Also see how audiences on different social platforms interact with those keywords as well. Remember, what doesn’t work on Twitter may be successful on Instagram.

3. Your Audience Loves Benefits

If you’re always looking to receive something from your followers or your audience, you’ll end up disappointed. Most audiences want to be in a mutually beneficial relationship with influencers or content creators they’re following. Offer something once in a while, whether it’s a discount code or a free downloadable, make people want to opt in to your content. Keep your followers engaged and also make them feel appreciated.

4. Post Consistently But Don’t Be Overbearing

Finding the balance of when to post will be essential when running your own digital strategy. The upside of having a digital marketer on your team is they know the optics and analytics. If you’re having to do it yourself, pay attention to when your audience interacts with your posts the most and study how often other pages in your lane post.

5. Use Hashtags Often and Correctly

Hashtags are a way to grow your audience and get people who aren’t following you already to come on board with your content. People are always looking for specific content, be sure your posts are easy for people to find by hash-tagging efficiently.

Take note of your stats and pay attention to what works and what your followers actively engage with. Take advantage of these quick strategies you can do yourself and watch your social media presence increase gradually.

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